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Sports Betting 101: Bet Types Part II (FREE)




Sports Betting 101: Bet Types Part II (FREE)

Our goal with this series is to talk about some basic betting principles and explore how these concepts can be used to your advantage, for both sports betting and daily fantasy. As we produce more content we will delve into some more advanced concepts  – expanding as we go, on some of the introductory articles in this betting series.

This article is the second in the series and a follow-up to the intro to betting article that was previously posted. Make sure to check out that Betting 101 article for a crash course on the basic bet types, as it serves as a nice prerequisite to this article.

** Reminder to always check out our AwesemoOdds betting show Friday mornings at 11:30 EST where we cover a variety of topics and content for the upcoming weekend of games. As well, you can use promo-code “AwesemoOdds” for half of your first month. Sign up today!

Additional Bet Types

The first thing to go over is the most common bet types and what they mean:


A teaser is a parlay type bet with two or more games that allows the bettor to adjust the point spread on the games, for a lower return if they do in fact cover. There are different types of teasers, like adjusting total points or the spread. The teaser total can change depending on how many teams you’ve selected in the parlay. Let’s look at an example:

You like the following teams in the NFL with their spreads listed below:

Dolphins +8 , Patriots -12 , Bears -7

A standard three team parlay bet of $100 would return $600 on a win. However, if you decide you want to do a three-team teaser rather than a traditional three-team parlay, a six point three team teaser would allow you to bet the following adjusted lines:

Dolphins +14 , Patriots -6, Bears -1

For this six point three-team teaser, a bet of $100 would return $91 on a win.

As you can see, the six point teaser adjusts the line six points in your favor on each game, making the bet easier to win. However, just like a parlay you have to win all three, and instead of being paid 6-1, a six point, three-team teaser in football pays the same as a traditional -110 straight bet. As I said, there are all different types of teasers, so you can certainly experiment with  different combos and payoffs.

Round-Robin Parlays

Round-robin bets aren’t the most common type of bet but they’re still important to understand as almost all sportsbooks offer them. A round-robin bet is a way to create multiple parlays at once. Most online books will allow you to have between two to six teams when placing a round-robin wager. It’s not required to use round-robin parlays as you could simply make individual parlays yourself, but the benefit of a round-robin is that it saves you the effort. If it sounds a bit confusing, let’s use an example to show how it works. Let’s say you like these three betting picks:

  • Brooklyn Nets -4 (-110)
  • NY Knicks +3 (-110)
  • Phoenix Suns +7 (-110)

Instead of putting all three teams in a parlay, which would offer worse odds than individual two-team parlays, we can create all possible combinations of two-team parlays using a round robin wager.


  • Brooklyn Nets -4 (-110)
  • NY Knicks +3 (-110)


  • Brooklyn Nets -4 (-110)
  • Phoenix Suns +7 (-110)


  • NY Knicks +3 (-110)
  • Phoenix Suns +7 (-110)

Parlay odds don’t change when using a round-robin wager or putting the bets in manually, so again it’s simply a matter of organization and convenience. For two-team parlays with each side listed at -110, the odds will be around +263, which is the standard odds for most sportsbooks. It’s important to note that round-robins won’t show up on bet slips as round-robin wagers. Instead, they will show up as individual parlays.

Though round-robins are a series of parlays, there is one vital difference between betting a single parlay bet: not every parlay must win for a round-robin bet to be graded as a winner. Each parlay is an independent event and all traditional parlay rules apply.

In terms of the costs involved, you’re going to be paying three times (in this case) as you’re laying the same amount on each of the three parlays. This is only a three-way, two-team parlay but you could add in more games if you like. As you add games to a round-robin parlay you will increase the number of permutations, so be aware how fast that can add up when looking to place a wager. However, the potential upside for a round-robin parlay can be huge if you hit as you’ll have all different combinations of parlays and that can make for a lucrative result if everything clicks.

Overall, round-robin parlays aren’t something I do too often, but make sure you understand what they are and how they work before placing them.. For me, this is something I may take a shot at if I’m looking to have some fun. They offer big upside in terms of return, but value wise they certainly aren’t the best option available.

Most books try to disallow correlation in parlays, but if you can find some external correlation that is something that obviously is a huge benefit to making a parlay or a round robin bet more +EV and gives you a better chance of connecting the dots.

Stay tuned for further articles dissecting the basics of sports betting.

If you have any questions find me in the sports betting channel on the premium slack chat or @JazzrazDFS onTwitter.

*Ben Rasa (aka Jazzraz)* has been involved with sports and numbers for quite some time dabbling in the poker world , sports wagering and of course finding a home in the DFS world. While he enjoys playing NFL, NCAAF and NBA he has found his best advantage on the links with PGA and the Euro Tour. Jazzraz focuses on GPPs and uses a analytical approach to try and find pricing inefficiencies as well as trying to go against the grain to find those under owned lesser know players that can make the difference in giant field tournaments. You can contact Ben by emailing

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Horse racing: 2019 Belmont Stakes Preview and Picks (FREE)





Horse racing: 2019 Belmont Stakes Preview and Picks

Welcome, horse racing fans and betting enthusiasts!

We are down to the final leg of the Triple Crown with the 151st Belmont Stakes set to go this Saturday from Belmont Race track in New York. The first major thing to note is that the Belmont is run over 1.5 miles, which is longer than both the Derby and the Preakness so be prepared for some late breaking drama as the horses get into the stretch. Although we do not have a Triple Crown threat, we still have a lot to analyze from a betting standpoint and there are some familiar names in the field including the Preakness winner War of Will.

Before we dig deep into the field, did you know it is legal on a national level (with a few states as the exceptions) to bet on horse racing online. Click here for the full analysis.  For those new to horse betting or those just looking to capitalize on the legality of betting on horses online, we have partnered with TVG to offer our readers the following bonus deals:

Bet $100 Get $100 + Money Back Special


Player must deposit $50 or more and the entire bonus amount is immediately credited.  The bonus must be used within 30 days of receipt.

** If you are unfamiliar with Horse Racing or wagering on the ponies make sure to stop in by Friday at 11:30 EST  for our Awesemo Odds betting show where we will be giving a full analysis of everything you need to know for Saturday’s big day of racing **

The Horses (listed by post positions)

1: Joevia 30-1

First horse up is Joevia, ridden by Jose Lezcano, a newcomer who hasn’t raced in either the Derby or the Preakness. The odds indicate this is a tall task for a horse who was nowhere in the Wood Memorial (finished 11th) and although they are coming in off a win in the Long Branch Stakes it was a race with only four horses in it. I don’t think Joevia factors in here and is one of the first horses crossed off the list.

2: Everfast 12-1 

Luis Saez aboard Everfast who shocked me and everyone at the Preakness with a late charge to finish second at a monster price. The closing style will suit this longer race, but this is still a horse who hasn’t won since her first maiden start and has only a pair of second place finishes in terms of hitting the board in 2019. We aren’t going to get the monster odds like we saw at the Preakness, but this is not a horse I’m going to much if at all.

3: Master Fencer 8-1  

Finished a respectable sixth at the Kentucky Derby and comes in with some positive momentum as he closed nicely in that race despite the heavy traffic. Julian Leparoux is a quality jockey and Master Fencer just needs to keep contact with the leaders as they turn for home and he will have every opportunity to make a late run and grab a piece of the pool. It will be interesting to see where his odds go on Saturday as he currently sits at 8-1 on the morning line.

4: Tax 15-1

Was a non-factor in his last start at the Kentucky Derby finishing 14th and never really making an impact in the race. Before that though there were a lot of positives with a runner up finish at the Wood Memorial and some really nice speed figures in quality races. Tax has hit the board in every start except the Derby so if you are banking on that being an outlier you are getting a really nice price on him here.

5: Bourbon War 12-1

Jockey change here as Mike Smith takes over for Irad Ortiz aboard Bourbon War who we last saw finishing towards the back of the pack at the Preakness. Mike Smith certainly has all the experience needed to grab another Belmont, but Bourbon War really doesn’t stand out in many ways despite some quality showings. He was second in the Fountain of Youth and fourth in the Florida Derby (Maximum Security won) which are both quality showings but it’s a stretch to think he breaks through here.

6: Spinoff 15-1

Todd Pletcher training and Javier Castellano aboard is a nice combo right off the bat for Spinoff. He was nowhere in the Derby, but the sloppy conditions certainly could be a reasonable excuse and before that he was solid with a runner-up finish at the Louisiana Derby. Outside of the Kentucky Derby he has hit the board in all four of his starts so if you want to look his way in exotics it’s a reasonable spot even if he’s not on the short list to grab the W.

7: Sir Winston 12-1

Joel Rosario aboard Sir Winston who really hasn’t made a huge impact going against quality competition in the recent stakes races. He was impressive at the Peter Pan Stakes at Belmont in early May finishing second, but other than that he’s got a seventh, fifth, and fourth place showing in 2019. Another horse who could be in play on the back-end of exotic tickets, but nothing really stands out in terms of gearing up or peaking at the right time in this one.

8: Intrepid Heart 10-1

Another Todd Pletcher trained horse with John Velazquez aboard and he is the wildcard of the bunch. Only three starts to his name with a pair of wins against lesser competition and then a third place finish at the Peter Pan. Intrepid Heart does have the pedigree specifically for Belmont being a son Tapit who has sired a handful of Belmont winners in recent years. We still do not know how good this horse is due to lack of quality starts, but I think they set up well for a mile and a half and is an off the wall contender.

9: War of Will 2-1

Now we get to the serious top end threats with War of Will coming off the Preakness Stakes win. Tyler Gaffalione is aboard as usual and although this horse had a dream trip at Pimlico there is no doubt the talent is there. Going to be a short price along with Tacitus, but he has a knack for finding the winners circle. He is 3/5 in terms of wins this year, but in the two starts he didn’t cross the line first he was nowhere to be found showing some volatility.

10:  Tacitus 9-5

Jose Ortiz aboard will Bill Mott training for what should be the post time favorite on Tacitus who sits at 9 to 5 on the opening line. He won the Wood Memorial and then charged late in the Derby to finish third after Maximum Security got taken down so there’s a lot to like with this horse. He should be well suited to deal with the long stretch run and as the odds reflect I think he is the horse to beat in this one.

Before I give my picks, make sure to check out our contributor Evan Schwartz’s early analysis of the field:

Final Thoughts

With no Triple Crown threat, some of the punch has been taken out of the Belmont Stakes. But that just adds to the intrigue on the betting front. Tacitus and War of Will are going to be the main contenders and the betting odds will reflect that, but after them it is wide open in terms of who could get in the mix and what kind of odds you are going to see.  To me, Tactitus is my favorite of the two big names and out of the handful of deeper threats, I actually think Intrepid Heart makes for a very live sleeper who sets up to respond well to the uniqueness of a race this long.

Good luck everyone!

If you have any questions find me in the premium slack chat or @JazzrazDFSon twitter.

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Horse Racing: Belmont Stakes Historical Facts & Figures




Horse Racing: Belmont Stakes Historical Facts & Figures

This Saturday Horse Racing’s Triple Crown will conclude with the Belmont Stakes. While there is no triple crown on the line, the race will still provide great storylines, gambling options, and big pools.

Before we dive into the history of the Belmont, did you know it is legal on a national level (with a few states as the exceptions) to bet on horse racing online. Click here for the full analysis.  For those new to horse betting or those just looking to capitalize on the legality of betting on horses online, we have partnered with TVG to offer our readers the following bonus deals:

Bet $100 Get $100 + Money Back Special


Player must deposit $50 or more and the entire bonus amount is immediately credited.  The bonus must be used within 30 days of receipt.

For a full analysis of the Belmont Stakes field check out our race preview and also my video below.

As previously mentioned there will be no Triple Crown winner this year, but there are still a lot of interesting facts and figures attached to the Belmont Stakes.

The Belmont Stakes is actually the oldest of the Triple Crown races predating the Kentucky Derby and Preakness by nine years. The inaugural Belmont Stakes was run in 1867 at Jerome Park Racetrack in the Bronx. In fact the Belmont Stakes is the 4tholdest stakes race in North America.

The first running of the Belmont Stakes was won by a filly, Ruthless. Only three fillies have won the Belmont Stakes to date with the most recent being Rags to Riches (2007), Tanya won it in 1905. The Belmont Stakes was originally contested going clockwise.

The race itself has changed several times since its first running in 1867. It wasn’t until 1921 that the Belmont Stakes was run in a counter-clockwise direction like most other American races. In addition to direction change the race has been run at several distances. It has been contested at the current 1 mile and ½ distance since 1926.


YEARS                                                             BELMONT STAKES DISTANCE

1926 – PRESENT, 1874-1889                    1 MILE ½

1867 – 1873                                                   1 MILE 5 FURLONGS

1890 – 1892, 1895, 1904-1905                   1 MILE ¼

1893 – 1894                                                   1 MILE 1 FURLONG

1896 – 1903, 1906-1925                              1 MILE 3 FURLONGS



Of the 150 Previous runnings of the Belmont Stakes 63 have been won by the favorite or 42%. However in the last 10 years only 2 favorites have won the race.


2018 JUSTIFY 0.80 1ST
2017 IRISH WAR CRY 2.75 2ND
2016 EXXAGERATOR 1.45 11TH
2013 ORB 2.20 3RD
2012 DULLAHAN 2.50 7TH
2010 ICE BOX 1.85 9TH
2009 MINE THAT BIRD 1.25 3RD


1 – 23 WINNERS

2 – 11 WINNERS

2 – 12 WINNERS

3 – 15 WINNERS

4 – 10 WINNERS

5 – 15 WINNERS


7 – 13 WINNERS



10 – 2 WINNERS

11 – 3 WINNERS

12 – 1 WINNER


While there is no chance at a Triple Crown Champion this year, #9 War of Will has a chance to become the 19thHorse to win the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. He would become the first since Afleet Alex in 2005 to complete the double.


Last year, Mike Smith rode Justify to a Belmont Stakes victory where he became the 13th horse to win a Triple Crown. This year Mike Smith is looking for history of his own. Smith will attempt to become the 8th rider to win the race in back to back years aboard #5 Bourbon War (12-1). The previous jockey’s to accomplish this are:

-Ron Turcotte – Riva Ridge (1972) and Secretariat (1973)
-Eric Guerin  – Native Dancer (1953) and High Gun (1954)
-Eddie Arcaro -Whirlaway (1941) and Shut Out (1942)
-James Stout – Pasteurized (1938) and Johnstown (1939)
-Albert Johnson – American Flag (1925) and Crusader (1926)
-John Bullman – Masterman (1902) and Africander (1903)
-James Rowe – Joe Daniels (1872) and Springbok (1873)


Speaking of big payouts, in 2002 Sarava was the largest payout in the Belmont Stakes. A $2 Win wager on Sarava would have netted you  $142.50 (2002). In contrast, there can be big favorites in the Belmont Stakes, and in 1943 Count Fleet returned the lowest payout for a $2 Win wager $2.10, a whopping .10cent profit.


As sports wagering has become more popular, this has helped the pool sizes and money bet into horse racing. The Belmont Stakes and Belmont Stakes Day Card have gained big interest from gamblers across the US. The record for amount wagered on the Belmont Stakes is $83,054,106 in 2014 and in that same year $150,249,399 was wagered on the whole card, also a record. While I don’t anticipate that record going down, you can still anticipate monster pools, which can lead to big payouts.

The Belmont Stakes Day Card as a whole is phenomenal this year with 13 races and 10 Stakes Races. For more information on some of the other stakes races make sure to check out my article about betting the late Picks.

It is certainly going to be a great day of racing with plenty of opportunities to make money. Good luck to everyone placing a wager on the Belmont Stakes or any of the racing at Belmont Park this weekend!

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Horse Racing: Betting the Belmont Stakes Picks




Horse Racing: Betting the Belmont Stakes - Picks

On Saturday, Belmont Park will host the 151st running of the Belmont Stakes to culminate the 2019 Triple Crown — the final big race of the year for all you casual horse racing fans. But, the racing card is way more than just the Belmont Stakes. In fact, Belmont Park will run 13 races on Saturday and 10 STAKES RACES! As usual, the Belmont Stakes will be the featured event, but the card that Belmont has put together is arguably one of the best we will see all year in horse racing other than the Breeders Cup. This means there are plenty of wagering opportunities to explore!

Before we dig deep into the options, did you know it is legal on a national level (with a few states as the exceptions) to bet on horse racing online. Click here for the full analysis.  For those new to horse betting or those just looking to capitalize on the legality of betting on horses online, we have partnered with TVG to offer our readers the following bonus deals:

Bet $100 Get $100 + Money Back Special


Player must deposit $50 or more and the entire bonus amount is immediately credited.  The bonus must be used within 30 days of receipt.


In my guide to betting on horse racing, I explain the basic betting guidelines for horse racing, and specifically, I explain horizontal wagering options (betting on one particular race). Horse racing also has options where you can bet on multiple races, or vertical wagering. Vertical wagering includes; Daily Doubles, Pick 3s, Pick 4s, Pick 5s, and Pick 6s. In vertical wagering the objective is to have the winner in every race in the sequence on your ticket.

As with horizontal wagering, the cost of your ticket is based on the total amount of combinations that you use multiplied by the cost of your ticket. So you don’t have to use just one horse in each race, however, the more horses you add to the ticket, the more expensive your ticket cost will be. For example, if you are betting a Daily Double (2 consecutive races) with a $2 minimum and only use 1 horse in each race it will cost you $2. But, if you wanted to use multiple horses in the first race your ticket cost would increase.

Example: Race 1 you like 3 different horses and Race 2 you like 2 different horses. This ticket would now cost you $12 (3 horses in Race 1 x 2 Horses in Race 2 x $2 cost of the wager amount)

(3 x 2 x $2 = $12).

This is the same scenario when constructing Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 tickets. Obviously the costs of these tickets can get much higher as you add more races and more horses to your ticket.


On Saturday one of the best vertical wagers to dive into the pool is the All-Stakes Pick 4 with a pool guaranteed at $1.5 Million Dollars! The sequence includes 4 Grade 1 races, the top level stakes races in horse racing. The sequence includes the Woody Stephens Stakes, The Metropolitan Handicap (Met Mile), The Manhattan Stakes, and The Belmont Stakes.


The Woody Stephens Stakes, like the Belmont Stakes, is restricted to three year old horses. But, the race is meant for horses that are known as sprinters. Just like the Olympics has marathons and 100 yard dashes, horse racing has different conditions for each race. The Woody Stephens is for the top three year old sprinters. It will be contested at a seven Furlong distance (in contrast the Belmont Stakes is 1.5 miles or 12 Furlongs), and 11 horses are entered.

Favorite: #9 Mind Control (5/2)

Mind Control is the logical favorite here as he one of only 2 horses in this field to have already won a Grade 1 Stakes Race (9/3/18 Hopeful Stakes at Saratoga). Mind Control most recently won the Grade 3 Bay Shore Stakes and looms the one to beat in this field.

Top Contender: #4 Complexity (4-1)

Complexity is the other Grade one winning horse in this field and the Grade one Champagne Stakes was also contested at Belmont Park on October 6, 2018. Complexity is making his 3 year old debut in this race but his trainer Chad Brown has decent numbers with horses off long layoffs.

Price Play: #10 Lexitonian (15-1)

Lexitonian is coming off a win in the Chick Lang Stakes at Pimlico on Preakness Day. If he comes off that performance he makes sense as a longshot winner.

Race Analysis: I believe this race is pretty wide open and in my pick 4 ticket I will be using several horses in this race. My top pick is #4 Complexity but this seems like it is a race where a big price could come in.

Metropolitan Handicap (Met Mile) Grade 1 (Race 9)

The Metropolitan Handicap, or more commonly known as the Met Mile is one of the most prestigious races outside of the Breeders Cup and Triple Crown. The Met Mile is for horses 3 years old and upward and this year’s field of 9 has standouts all over. This race is being built up as one of the best races so far this year.

Favorite: #2 McKinzie (5-2)

McKinzie enters the Met Mile with an impressive win in the Alysheba Stakes at Churchill Downs by 4 and ¾ lengths. In 10 lifetime starts McKinzie has won 6 races and finished second 3 times and has earned $1,483,560.

Top Contenders: #1 Coal Front (6-1), #3 Mitole (3-1), #4 Thunder Snow (5-1), #7 Firenze Fire (4-1)

Coal Front is consistent and likes to win. He has won 7 times in 9 starts. Comes off 3 consecutive wins. Mitole has been a win machine as of late with 6 straight trips to the winners’ circle. His last win comes in the Grade 1 Churchill Downs on the Kentucky Derby undercard. Thunder Snow comes off an impressive win in the Dubai World Cup (his second time winning the prestigious race in Dubai). He should be a good price for a horse with tremendous talent. Firenze Fire loves Belmont park where he has won all 3 of his lifetime starts. Last start Firenze Fire won he Run Happy Stakes at Belmont Park on May 11th.

Race Analysis: This race is loaded with talented horses and you can make a case for more than half the field. I will make Thunder Snow my top pick but when playing multi-race exotic wagers such as the all-stakes pick 4 I will go deep here as well.

Manhattan Stakes Grade 1 (RACE 10)

The Manhattan Stakes is a Grade 1 stakes race run 1 mile and ¼ on the turf for horses 4 years old and upward. This year’s Manhattan has a field of 10 horses and the favorite #8 Bricks and Mortar is a true standout.

Favorite: #8 Bricks and Mortar (7-5)

Bricks and Mortar is super consistent and has won 4 straight races including the Grade 1 Turf Classic last start at Churchill Downs. Jockey Irad Ortiz Jr has been aboard for all those wins and Trainer Chad Brown wins at a fairly high rate.

Other Contenders: #7 Olympico (6-1), #10 Channel Maker (9-2)

Olympico is also trained by Chad Brown and is coming off a win in the Grade 3 Fort Marcy Stakes at Belmont Park (his first time running for Chad Brown). His numbers make sense and if he runs as well as he did last start he could beat his stablemate.Channel Maker is coming off a nose victory in the Grade 1 Man O’War Stakes at Belmont Park. Channel Maker consistently competes in the big races and is generally competitive. Bill Mott is a good turf trainer and looks for the upset.

Race Analysis: This race is seems to have a standout in Bricks and Mortar. I will single Bricks and Mortar in cheaper pick 4 tickets and for my big ticket I suggest going with the top 2 choices (Bricks and Mortar and Channel Maker)

Belmont Stakes 1 (Race 11)

Now to the main event, the 151stBelmont Stakes.  For a full analysis of the Belmont Stakes field check out our race preview and also my video below.

 ** If you are unfamiliar with Horse Racing or wagering on the ponies make sure to stop in by Friday at 11:30 EST  for our Awesemo Odds betting show where we will be giving a full analysis of everything you need to know for Saturday’s big day of racing **


 $.50 Wager

 Race 8 – #1, #2, #4, #6, #9, #10, #11

 Race 9 – #1, #2, #3, #4

 Race 10 – #8, #10

 Race 11 – #9, #10

 Ticket Cost: $56

Sequence Analysis

As you can see I believe that the first 2 races are pretty wide open, while the last 2 races I feel the standouts will win. The pool should get well above the $1.5 Million Guarantee and is a great bet to be involved throughout this great card. If you have more money to spend I would suggest using more horses in race 8 and race 9.

 Best of luck to everyone that is wagering on the Belmont Stakes Day races at Belmont Park!

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